A Dog's Mobility + BEMER 

This video documents this sweet dogs's journey after he severely hurt his back playing playing ball in the grass.

Please watch as BEMER's patented signal significantly improves the healing process of this lively dog.

 BEMER's Award-winning Equine Technology 

The BEMER Veterinary Line enhances the holistic care of your horse, helping to preserve health, increasing performance, and reducing stress.

This video features Linda Tellington-Jones the inventor of the TTouch training method. 

The BEMER Veterinary Line is also endorsed by Ludger Beerbaum - Quadruple Olympic Medalist and successful horse trainer. 

Micro-Circulation and Pets

When your pet’s body is able to distribute oxygen and nutrients to all its cells, your pet will be strong, healthy, resistant to disease and capable of repair and regeneration.

 Medical Studies have also shown that BEMER is also successful with:​

  • Increased Endurance, Strength and Energy

  • Enhanced Sleep Management

  • Improved Healing of Wounds  and injuries

  • Shortened recovery time 

 How do animals react to the BEMER ? 

We have found that dogs, cats, and horses become very relaxed and calm during the session.  Does often have to be woken up after the session is finished!

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